Portsea in Mornington Peninsula

On Instant Hotel, Jay and Leah brought their home of Portsea and the entire Mornington Peninsula into every Aussie living room. Now, in an exclusive interview, 7travel talks to Jay and Leah to better understand what makes this stunning destination the ultimate long weekend host and what activities not to miss while visiting.

What does it mean to you to showcase the beautiful Shire of Mornington Peninsula on TV?

Jay: The M.P has so much variety to offer so many different types on people. It is important to me to share this with the public. From the wineries to beaches, everything has a emphasis on enjoying life.
Leah: The M.P is somewhere I like to go to 'escape' from Melbourne, even though it's only one hour away. This location is full of beauty not just by its location but its culture. The people are warm and welcoming. Most of the wineries and businesses are all family owned. So you feel as if your apart of something really special when you visit.

What is the best ‘hidden’ beach in Mornington Peninsula?

Jay: I love Mount Martha - there is just something really special about that area. It's the point were you really exit Melbourne and enter the M.P!
Leah: Some of my most favourite places are on the drive into Portsea. I like to drive through different roads and find interesting new places. Just recently, I was working in M.P and detoured off the main road, travelled through the back streets, and ended up finding my way along Nepean Highway, stopping on the side of the road in Dromana. It was a really nice quiet beach covered in sand dunes.

From a local’s perspective, can you describe 3 things that visitors must do that they wouldn’t necessarily know about in Portsea?

Jay: Stay at a golf course and walk the course as the sun goes down. Walk to the point of Portsea. Try fishing with the locals.
Leah: Walking through the Portsea National Park. Take the ferry to Queens Cliff. Walk down the Portsea Pier.

What do you think surprises visitors once they arrive?

Jay: Visitors usually to escape the city and enjoy relaxing at the wineries. The large amount of good options and activities are surprising.
Leah: Portsea has such beautiful homes with incredible views. Just this alone makes the holiday enjoyable. Portsea has a stigma of being a 'millionaire's playground.' But that's not the case, it's full of families that are more than accommodating in giving you a tour.

How long is the perfect holiday in Portsea?

Jay: I would say a long weekend is perfect.
Leah: I agree - a long weekend is fantastic to unwind!