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It's no wonder that over 1 million Aussies take a cruise holiday each year. No matter what you look for in a holiday or who you choose as your travel companion, cruising is right for you. Here are 5 scenarios to show you why.

1. If you're travelling by yourself

If you’re travelling by yourself, a cruise is the safest way to make sure you’re always looked after. Your holiday could be as solitary or social as you choose. On a cruise, you can do every activity - spa treatments, dining, lounging - on your own, soaking in the mesmerizing scenery and delighting in the chance to get away. But if you choose to participate in onboard group activities - games, nightlife events, dining in communal spaces - you will be able to strike up and continue conversation with fellow travellers. It's an unparalleled opportunity to make new travel-minded friends.

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2. If you're travelling as a couple

Whether this is your first trip together as a couple or your hundredth, the experience of sailing the seas is bound to reinvigorate and renew your love. As large as a ship can be, you can find a space that makes it feel like you’re the only two on top of the world; a cabin with a balcony is one of the best ways to achieve this feeling. What's more, cruise crews are expert in organising surprises and celebrations. Decorating your bed with rose petals, securing a premium bottle of champagne, or bringing out a dessert for a celebration are all completely within the realm of possibility. But of course, travelling somewhere new and enjoying each other’s company all the while can be the best type of romance.

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3. If you're travelling with your family 

When you have that many moving parts (read: family members) with different tastes in food, activity, and everything in between, a cruise alleviates all of the planning stress. By booking a cruise, you relinquish the responsibility of finding meals, accommodation, babysitters or alternative activities for children and teens, and entertainment that pleases everyone. All of those details are part of your cruise package. And with the freedom of being independent but the boundary of the ship, every family member will be safe and accounted for while getting the chance to find their happiness.

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4. If you're travelling with a large group

Can you imagine a more spacious accommodation? A cruise ship, by nature, is made for the masses. So finding enough seating at the dinner table for a large group, providing ample entertainment catering to all interests and ages, and having all details organised for you is inherent in the experience of a cruise holiday. From a multi-generational family reunion to a friend group getaway, a cruise accommodates every type of group.

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5. If you’ve seen it all before

The joy of cruising is as much about journey as it is about the destination. If you are such an experienced traveller that any single destination doesn’t give you the same thrill that it used to, consider a cruise that docks in multiple destinations. Or consider a cruise with a specialty: if you’re a foodie, consider a cruise renowned for its meals and service. If you like to fill your time with intellectual conversation and learning, consider a cruise with lectures and seminars onboard. Whatever you dream about, you can cruise with it.

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