We'd never want to encourage the mindset of "travelling for the 'gram," but it's impossible to travel without thinking about what's going to make your feed pop! As we've talked about before, photos taken and posted from where you’d rather be are a form of social currency, bringing clout to our digital personas, and Fiji makes the ultimate photo shoot background. If you're heading to the Coral Coast, the 80 kilometre stretch of beach along the Viti Levu's south and home to many of Fiji's most well-known resorts, go totally snap-happy at these 6 photo-worthy locations.

1. Lagoons of the Coral Coast 

Piercing blue waters of the lagoons cut through the lush greenery along the Coral Coast. Dive in for a snorkel and swim to experience it and snap a photo from the rocks and coast.

Snorkelling on Coral Coast Fiji 

2. Teepee Tent Beach 

Beside the ocean in Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park, visitors will come across the awe-inspiring Teepee Tent Beach. 

Tipi Tent Beach Fiji

3. Fijian Fire Dancing

Fijians have a way with fire dancing that creates a magical, upbeat atmosphere and the perfect photo! The performance below was snapped at the Shangri-La Fijian Resort & Spa. 


4. Ecotrax railway adventures

Electric assisted bicycles mounted side by side on a carriage on the old sugar cane tram line take visitors along untouched bush, villages, fields, and even deserted beaches along the Coral Coast! Photos of you peddling are as fun as the scenery around you is beautiful.

EcoTrax FIJI

5. Natadola Beach

When you think of Fiji, you picture the very essence of Natadola Beach: pure white sand, the ocean dancing up to the shoreline in perfect ombre blues, and picture-perfect palm trees. 


6. Sunset from Golden Cowrie

With a cocktail in hand at this relaxing resort bar at Shangri-La's Fijian Resort & Spa, snap a final photo of the sun as it sets over the stunning Coral Coast. 

Golden Cowrie outdoor dining bure