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New Zealand’s natural beauty and appeal doesn’t stop at the country’s breathtaking scenery, but also extends to the amazing hot springs that can be found on both the North and South islands.

Welcome Flat Hot Pools

There are four pools that make up the Welcome Flat Hot Pools, which are located on the Copland River. The catch? You’ll need to do a seven-hour hike on the Copland Track in order to get there, but the magnificent views are totally worth it. Head there in November to absorb the location in peak beauty. 

Copland River, near Fox Glacier, South Island

Hot Water Beach

Hot Water Beach is located on the Coromandel Peninsula on the North Island, and what makes this place so magical is that you can actually create your own hot spring. Grab a spade during low tide and build the thermal pool to your liking.

Note: This beach sometimes has rips, so steer clear of the nearby rocks.

Coromandel, North Island


Friends enjoying hot water beach

Photo Credit: Adam Bryce


Kawhia Springs (AKA Te Puia Springs)

Similar to Hot Water Beach, this hot spring is located on a beach and the appearance of the hot springs is dependent on your creativity with a spade. So dig your own spot in the sand and jump in and enjoy the enticingly warm temperature. 

Kawhia Harbour, North Island

Great Barrier Island

East of Auckland is the Great Barrier Island, home to two natural hot springs: the Kaitoke, and Peachtree Springs, which are both found along the Kaitoke Hot Springs walking track. Make sure you’re prepared to do the hike and avoid the journey after rainfall as the creeks along the track can rise quickly.

Kerosene Creek

Enjoy a warm bath or splash about in in the naturally heated Kerosene Creek set amongst luscious native bushland. The hot water bubbles from below and meets with the creek resulting in a beautifully warm temperature. The best bit? A two metre high waterfall surrounds two hot springs giving you the ultimate hot spring experience.

Note: always check the depth before getting in as it can change daily.

Old Walotapu Rd, Waiotapu, North Island 


People sitting by Kerosene Creek waterfall

Photo Credit: Vaughan Brookfield


Inferno Crater Lake

The stunning Inferno Crater Lake is located in the Waimangu Valley as part of the Waimangu Volcanic Valley Walk. The water levels can go up and down by about 12 metres and the temperature ranges from 35 to 80 degrees Celsius so be careful. If you're lucky, you may catch the lake at a time when it's emitting its stunning bright blue hue. 

Waimangu Volcanic Rift Valley, North Island