Coastal living Taiwan style

Off the southwest coast of Taiwan lies Liuqiu, a coral island that’s as charming as a small fishing village with endless opportunities for adventure. This is the best kind of peaceful coastal living in Taiwan.

Liuqiu island

It is a slow pace and chilled out atmosphere on Liuqiu. Actually, the locals on the island are very loyal to their religion as they worship the gods in hope of protection from evil spirits that might harm the environment and for guidance in fishing, ship-building, and even marriage. Visitors will see more than 60 temples all over the island, a physical reminder of the spirituality on the island. The locals have much to be thankful for - there is great abundance of resources that people are grateful for! Simple dishes like grilled seafood, sashimi, or mango shaved ice make the most delicious meals in open-air cafes or at beachside barbecues.

Cafe on Liuqiu

However, when it comes to living the authentic Liuqiu life, it’s all about going aquatic. In no time, visitors will meet the sweetest - and most famous locals - giant green sea turtles. Jump in to join them in the water or simply watch them in their natural habitat while you stay active on a kayak or paddle board.Discover what else is beneath the water by diving or snorkelling. Brilliant coral reefs teeming with fish will amaze even the most seasoned diver.

On dry land, there’s more water activity to enjoy. Stretches of shell-sand beaches offer visitors a vantage point for the glistening bright blue water. Right off the northeast coast of the island is a magnificent natural wonder to see: Vase Rock. The coral reef that makes up the entire island of Liuqiu eroded in such a way that it left a vase-like formation. It’s one of the many ways that Taiwan shows off its incredible power of nature.

Vase Rock

It’s easy to get to and tour Liuqiu. A quick 20 minute ferry from Donggang port brings you to this coastal escape. On the island, locals and visitors traverse the rolling hills of this 4 kilometre-long island with a scooter.

It is not only efficient but easy too - unlike similar modes of transportation in other destinations, these scooters don’t require a license. With the wind in your hair and your eyes on the horizon, it’s impossible to ride through Liuqiu without feeling totally at peace.

Teigan Nash on a scotter

Since it’s so easy to get to Liuqiu, visitors might assume that they don’t need more than a day to see it. But the truth is, there’s so much to do, see, eat, and enjoy that it’s better to spend a few days there or at least stay to witness a majestic sunrise and sunset.
Sunset on Liuqiu

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