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The dilemma of having to figure out how to spend your time between check out and flight departure has been solved in Fiji. Enter: Essence of Fiji Rejuvenation Centre.

It’s safe to say that no matter where you are staying, you will be asked to check out by noon, if not earlier. And, with only a couple exceptions, the flights from Nadi back to Sydney and Melbourne leave in the afternoon or evening. A void that lengthy can be enough to make our return travel day frustrating and sad - the polar opposite of how we felt all holiday long. Thankfully, the Essence of Fiji Rejuvenation Centre has filled this gap in the most luxurious way possible.

Inside Essence of Fiji Rejuvenation Centre

Director and Principal of Spa Academy Fiji Debra Sadranu opened the Essence of Fiji Rejuvenation Centre in 2014 only minutes from Nadi airport. Its design has been optimised for travellers in the middle of transit. Conveniences range from luggage storage, lockers, toilets, showers, and a flight schedule screen. And we could not forget their transit packages that include free shuttle service to and from the airport.

Luxury couches in Fiji

But in the spirit of Fijian hospitality and warmth, the Essence of Fiji Rejuvenation Centre offers so much more than a basic transit lounge. Their world-class services -  massage therapy, manicure and pedicure, beauty essentials, yoga, facials, and more - at the day spa ensure that your stay in Fiji ends on a most relaxing note.

Staff of Essence of Fiji

The Centre considers how children can make the most of their last hours in Fiji too. The Outdoor Kids Centre includes a trampoline, jumping castle, indoor bure, and nannies to supervise.

Among her other accolades, Sadranu won the Business Woman of the Year award one year after opening the Centre, recognising her decades of work building a beauty and wellness empire in Fiji. But more importantly, she has given a bounty back to local communities of Fiji. Her programs have provided sponsorship with training for local women to have careers in the spa industry. At the Essence of Fiji Rejuvenation Centre, locally-crafted art and fashion are put on display and made available for purchase. And every product used during a spa treatment is Fijian made.

Sadranu winning Business Woman of the Year award

Of course, we can’t help but wonder why other destinations have not jumped on the idea of a day spa as transit lounge. We are hard-pressed to think of a more relaxing end any and every holiday.

Photo credit: Essence of Fiji Rejuvenation Centre Facebook page.