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One of the main reasons people choose New Caledonia as a holiday destination is because it’s an absolute oasis of powdery sand beaches and a perfect place to unwind, rest and relax.

Surprisingly, there are still some beaches that are still unknown to many tourists. So to avoid the crowds, here are four hidden gems where you can enjoy a piece of heaven in total tranquility. (But keep these on the down low.)

Piscine Naturelle, Isle of Pines

The white sands and emerald-hued seas of Piscine Naturelle, at Oro Bay demands your attention from the moment you lay eyes on it.

The warm water at this breathtaking spot is full of tropical fish and bright coral formations, which make for a mesmerising snorkelling experience – so make sure you bring your snorkel along!

Poé beach, Bourail

Although tourists know this idyllic beach, it can feel like an exclusive paradise, as it extends 17 kilometres leaving no room for random tourists to interrupt the peace.

Snorkelling, paddling and kayaking are all great activities to do here too, that’s if you’re keen to get up from the sun-kissed sand.

If you’re interested in seeing the UNESCO World Heritage lagoon (which is worth witnessing), it’s also accessible from here. 

Hienga Islet, Grande Terre

This oasis of natural beauty is located 15 minutes from the coast of Hienghene, making it that little bit more inconvenient to get to – hence the lack of tourists. But, if you make the small trip there, it’s worth it.

Apart from it being ideally quiet, it boasts great snorkelling opportunities. A circuit has been put in place so to follow through bright coral and schools of tropical fish and other sea life including turtles are spotted too. 

Fayaoue Beach on Ouvea Island, Loyalty Islands

Fayaoue Beach is New Caledonia’s longest beach, taking up 25 kilometres in length.

Soak up the sun in complete peace – but water sports (like windsurfing and kayaking) are also available here just in case you feel like getting the adrenaline pumping.