Majestic Princess coming to Australia September 2018

Not all cruise lines are created equal. Many share the ability to foster a perfectly pleasant cruising atmosphere - which in and of itself can be a difficult task.  Yet, with so many cruise lines to choose from what distinguishes one cruise line from another?   But Princess Cruises excels when it comes down to creating a premium cruise holiday experience for its guests, and it’s evident in their onboard and ashore programs. We spent a week at Princess HQ in Los Angeles to meet the people who are working behind the scenes to elevate Princess Cruises’ onboard experience. From working with a world-renowned sleep doctor to ensure a better night’s sleep for all its guests, to carefully curated menus with Michelin star chefs, Princess’ fleet is looking to lead the pack in the world of cruising.

Razzle dazzle ‘em

Princess Cruises set out to deliver transformative moments onboard, creating lifelong memories and inspiring fulfilling, satisfying experiences for guests to carry with them and share. And that is exactly what they have achieved with their onboard production partnerships.

Kerry Lovegrove, Entertainment Operations & Production Management Director at Princess Cruises, has overseen magical seasons of stage productions for guests, including the most recent production of The Secret Silk. This production is the result of a powerful collaboration trifecta: Oscar, Tony, and Grammy award-winning composer Stephen Schwartz (Wicked, Pippin, Godspell); Tony-award nominated director John Tartaglia (Avenue Q, Sesame Street), and Jim Henson’s Creature Shop. It also marks the third production from the cruise line’s exclusive collaboration with Stephen Schwartz and demonstrates Princess’ commitment to producing high-end and original theatrical productions at sea.

It is rare to be able to bring that level of entertainment royalty together, let alone together to create an original production combining storytelling, folklore, special effects, and puppetry at sea. And of course, this is only one highlight out of many. Lovegrove’s diversity and quality of production and entertainment onboard for adults and children is outstanding.

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Sleep designed by the Sleep Doctor

In the continuous efforts of Princess Cruises to be the ultimate retreat at sea, wellness continues to reach new heights with the Princess Luxury Bed onboard. This bed was exclusively designed for Princess Cruises by the sleep doctor himself, Dr. Michael Breus. With a PhD in clinical psychology and board certification in clinical sleep disorders, no one was more apt for the task.

In-depth research into the makeup of the Princess Cruises guests challenged Dr. Breus with creating a bed that fits different bodies. Ultimately, he came up with a perfect solution: a firm under-bed with removable pillow top. As guests arrive, housekeeping - who have been educated by Dr. Breus - assist and advise guests on how to configure the bed to best fit them. Dr Breus notes that “It’s important to remember above all, sleep is a sensory experience. In fact, all five of your senses must be prepared for slumber in order for all sleep to come easily.” With this in mind Princess guests can also choose their optimal pillow for their sleep patterns, request soothing lavender scents, blackout curtains, and other sleep amenities curated by Dr. Breus to transform their stateroom into a sleep-friendly relaxation hub.

With the only fully adjustable bed on the seven seas, Princess Cruises also brought in HGTV’s Candice Olson to design and decorate the Princess Luxury Bed advising the cruise line on thread and linen count to create the best night’s sleep at sea.

Dr. Michael Breus with Princess Luxury Bed

Pining for this dining experience

For most travellers, eating impeccable food ranks highly on the priority list. Many cruise lines offer delicious food, and some even tout it as their speciality. But it’s quite a feat to be able to serve such a high level of gourmet food while specialising in so many other aspects of the cruise experience as Princess Cruises does. Princess has collaborated with a number of celebrity chefs around the globe to offer its guests a vast array of spectacular cuisine on the high seas.

The cruise line has even partnered with acclaimed Australian Award-Winning Chef Curtis Stone who has three restaurants, SHARE across its fleet, and Crafted by Curtis items across its other ships. Stone’s six-course dining experience has been widely celebrated since its launch onboard Ruby and Emerald Princess.

Chef Ernesto Uchimura founder of mega brand Umami Burger and now Electric Owl in Hollywood has launched a new menu at The Salty Dog Pub onboard Princess Cruises ships to offer elevated classics, such as lobster mac & cheese, pale ale pork cheeks, and an incredible award-winning burger, “The Ernesto”.

And for Italian cuisine lovers, Princess Cruises’ has recently partnered with LA-Based Italian Chef Angelo Auriana to create a new menu for its revamped Sabatini’s specialty restaurants onboard. The transformed Italian Trattoria will offer fresh Northern Italian flavours with fresh handmade pastas and approachable, warm hospitality Melbourne cruisers will be able to experience the new Sabatini’s when Golden Princess commences her homeport season there in October this year.

Curtis Stone in Gwen kitchen

Combined, these elements make up a formidable foundation for an unparalleled cruising holiday. Immersive experiences, tantalising meals, and overwhelming relaxation should be expected by every guest onboard a Princess Cruises ship. Visit Princess Cruises to learn more about their holidays.