Sentosa Island Singapore

“City” - sure. “Beach” - really? 

It isn’t the word you’d jump to when describing the melting-pot metropolis Singapore. But as it turns out, Singapore’s magic stretches well beyond the bright lights of the Gardens by the Bay all the way to the sea and beyond. 

While Singapore has over 60 islands to its name, you might not suspect that it’s right on the main Singapore Island, or Pulau Ujong, where you’ll find our first beach. 

Changi Beach Park is, unsurprisingly, very close to the famous Changi Airport on the east coast of the island. It’s a small beach paradise set against lush greenery that you can explore on foot, by bike, or simply just by viewing. It measures a little over 3 kilometres long, but in that space, visitors will find barbecues for grilling, a nice bistro for a casual meal, and very calm waters that are perfect for kayaking, swimming, and paddle boarding. Even at night, the park lights up and the water reflects it back so brilliantly that it’s its own brand of magic.

Changi Beach Park at night

Directly across the way from Changi Beach Park is Pulau Ubin, another hidden gem that's accessible by ferry. Unlike the ultra-modern amenities visitors are used to in Singapore, this 10-kilometre-long island is charming, rustic, and has remained unchanged since the days when it was a miner’s paradise. Get into the slower pace of this island with a leisurely hike or bike ride to its centrepiece, the Chek Jawa Wetlands. Take a walk along the boardwalk to see the natural rocky cliffs meet the calm waters and channel the best of simpler days.

Pulau Ubin

But the beaches on Sentosa Island are a bit more happening. The island branded itself “The Island Of Fun,” if that hints anything. It’s here that you’ll find many of Singapore’s 5-star resorts, adventurous outings, and three jaw-droppingly beautiful beaches. 

Tanjong is one of those beaches. In the light of the sun, the golden sand welcomes visitors to watch the world pass from under a thatched beach shelter or palm tree; in the cool of the night, the beach becomes its own nightclub. But both day and nightlife are abuzz along Tanjong. Join the party at locales like Tanjong Beach Club, which has earned a reputation for being Singapore’s best beach bar. 

Palawan Beach is a family-friendly beach perfect for slow beach strolls and good, old-fashioned relaxation. It’s most famous for its picture-perfect rope suspension bridge. Visitors will find it hanging over the water midway along the Palawan Beach Walk and stretching out to smaller Palawan Island - a great destination for a getaway within a getaway!

Palawan Beach rope bridge

Siloso Beach is great for those who want to stay active with a bit of beach to keep the peaceful ambiance. Thrill-seekers have to check out the zipline at MegaZip Adventure Park for unbelievable views of the island. Or find the perfect balance at Ola Beach Club, where everyone can join in on the watersports (of all different thrill levels!), enjoy food and cheeky drinks by the water, and revel in the calm nature of Singapore’s island life.