Water Palace in Ubud2

An international holiday doesn’t always have to be a splurge-frenzy. In Bali, visitors will find that indulging in luxury, finding exciting activities, and living like a local can be done for cheap or even for free! With these tips from Skyscanner, you can get the best of Bali without spending a rupiah.

Surfing the best of Bali 

Jimbaran Bay is the perfect shorebreak for beginners and intermediates. On your average day, you won’t run into too many crowds in the water - if anyone is there, it’ll be other friendly long-boarders or other adventurers tackling the SUP will be sharing the water. 

If any area could be called the homebase for Balinese surfing, it’s Ulus, or Uluwatu. Here, you’ll find a wide left-hand reef break. At times the swell will be large, so we recommend saving Ulus for the more practised surfers. Also on the Bukit Peninsula lies Padang Padang, another iconic surf beach. Advanced surfers come here for the long left-hand barrels during big swells. 

Ubud Water Palace

In Balinese, Ubud Water Palace is known as Puri Agung Ubud and it’s located in the heart of Ubud. Visitors are welcome to wander the grounds of the royal palace, which used to house the royal family of Ubud, with incredible architecture and lily pad-filled ponds, and there is even a traditional dance performance in the evenings. Since this is a sacred place, it’s advised that visitors wear clothes or a sarong that covers knees, shoulders, and stomachs. 


Therapeutic hot springs of Lovina

Another destination where water plays a major role, the hot springs on the northwest coast near Lovina are known for having “magical water.” For centuries, the sulfuric spring water is believed to cure a variety of ailments. Visitors can bathe and walk around the gardens, the ultimate relaxation destination. 


Charly’s Chocolate Factory

The cacao beans of Bali take centre stage at Jasri Beach in Candidasa, East Bali. Not only will you get to taste homemade chocolate, you’ll get to relive a bit of your childhood by playing around a “pirate’s ship” and swing from huge coconut palms. The bamboo huts of the factory are as fun and funky as the chocolate is delicious!


Blowholes at Nusa Dua 

Watch the Indian Ocean force its way through a crack in the rock cliffs at Nusa Dua for an up-close-and-personal look at nature’s awesome power. This is a great activity on a hot day, since the swell can get pretty large and splash around. Don’t be afraid to hold onto the handrail!