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Japan is known for its crazy eateries including owl and kitten-themed coffee shops, but the country’s naptime café craze could be the best yet.

Considering Google famously introduced nap pods for its employees years ago, it’s surprising how long it has taken for cafés to catch on to the concept. Here are our top spots for safe napping in Tokyo. 


Mahika Mano Hammock Cafe and Gallery

Catch up on your sleep in the impressive nap room at Mahika Mano. You’ll drift off in one of the cosy hammocks as peaceful music fills your ears and transcends you into a dreamland. Complete the rejuvenating experience with a meal from their healthy menu.

Musashino-shi, Tokyo Kichijojiminami cho 2-8-1 Sun Palace 1


Qusca Sleeping Café

There are no males allowed at this sleep haven where women can recharge during their busy day. The nap room is complete with netted beds, soft pillows, dim lighting and aromatherapy -- a space guaranteed to create an aura of relaxation and peace. Once you’re rejuvinated, you can enjoy an array of lunch and dessert options.

Asakusa 2-14-33, Sakaeya Shimizu Building 2nd Floor, Hama-ku, Tokyo


Foot and Body Care ZZZ

Although not a café, this spa is the perfect relaxation space. After a soothing massage, you can doze off in one of their comfortable chairs. 

Jingu Mae 4-31-11, building 3th floor. Cosmo Harajuku, Shibuya, Tokyo