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Picture this: it’s 5am, you’ve had an excellent snooze and have been awoken by the golden glow of the sun rising over the still and eerie waters. This is what dreams are made of.

If you’re interested in travelling to Vietnam, you must spend a couple of nights in a boat in Halong Bay. Once you arrive, and get taken to your awaiting ship, enjoy a complimentary cocktail whilst taking in the sheer beauty of this stunning bay.

After you drop off your baggage, kick back on the balcony overlooking the silently still waters in complete bliss.

It won’t take you long to find some of Vietnam’s roadside villages, visible from the get-go. Enjoy a mega-lunch made up of lush, fresh seafood whilst you take in the magical views of Halong Bay.

Boats of Halong Bay

Pass by the floating village, Cua Van, where the locals actually live in small boathouses on the water.

A 600-hike up will lead you up the stunning Sung Sot Cave. Full of natural formation, you’ll finish high up in the sky with amazing views of the world around you.

You can also explore Titov Island, where most travellers trek up 500 steps to get the heart racing. We recommend you attempt to make it to the top, because the view is unbelievable and you will completely forget that you even trekked it up there.

Titov island in Vietnam

Some of the best afternoon activities include kayaking, snorkelling and squid fishing. Or you can just sit on your balcony and enjoy a drink as you watch the sunset over the mystical water.

Pretty much all of the cruises have dinner inclusive where you can enjoy some traditional Vietnamese food. A breakfast buffet is also included, with a mix of Vietnamese and Western style foods on offer.

Like all good things, your stay must come to an end. You’ll wish you could stay for longer, but at least you’ve got the memories.