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Why choosing a holiday cruise is the answer to your trip planning prayers.

Life is so full of stressors already that adding ‘plan a holiday’ to the list is simply unnecessary. Luckily, there’s a way to avoid this all together: cruising.

Choosing a destination is often the first point of contention for holiday planners. The trope we hear over and over again is that there are just so many places to go and, seemingly, never enough time. On a luxury liner, however, you can travel to multiple ports as part of one journey. At each stop, excursions encourage travellers to go off and see the best of what that destination has to offer.

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And packing for multiple stops is a cinch - with laundry onboard and special sporting equipment available for hire, you can bring your basics and allow the cruise to take care of the rest.

While at sea, strike the perfect balance between rest and relaxation and festive celebration. It wouldn’t be out of the question to have a leisurely, satiating breakfast followed by a deep tissue massage, poolside drinks that lead into happy hour, and finally a gourmet dinner topped off with a night at the bar dancing. The world is literally at your feet, floating by as you customise your time to any and every whim.

Booking the cruise itself is truly the first step in relinquishing all responsibilities and getting into the mentality of cruising. While booking, disclose dietary preferences or necessary medical considerations. From then on, everything onboard will cater to your needs. If you’re booking for a family, this might be the easiest way to accommodate every need - no matter how disparate they are - while making sure that each loved one gets the absolute most out of a holiday.

Simply put, planning to cruise is cruisy!

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