English phone booth

Eat - Albert's

"We chose to have our VIP dinner at Albert's because I had seen images of the divine wallpaper in the bathrooms after Dior and Love Magazine threw their parties there. Here, IT girls Zara Martin, Whinnie Williams and Sai Bennett are doing their thing in front of the whimsical backdrop of the club.”


Shop - Portobello Road Markets

“For a great vintage find you have to head down here nice and early before the hoards of crowds descend. There are some amazing prints and textures and great vintage finds- I purchased both these pieces there early on in the day."

Drink - Sexy Fish

Sleek, opulent and delicious food makes for a very chic and fun night out- The perfect setting for a girls get together!”

Relax - The Tate Modern top floor eatery

“Gazing over the Thames to hypnotic Primrose Hill is so perfect for a bit of peace and reflection. Apparently this is where druids used to go hundreds of years ago to perform their rituals- It really is a spiritual haven.”

Stay - The Kensington Hotel

The hotel is actually based above Alberts where we held our VIP dinner which we didn’t realise until we checked in! It made for a very convenient commute from hotel room to the bar! Here is a very London view from my room.”