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Shopping vintage can seem daunting - it’s so cool that it’s considered a fashion cult by some. The trick is to know where to look and how to wear it. For the latter, we recommend pairing a vintage piece with an otherwise contemporary ensemble; example: a 1950s bomber jacket over new jeans and a cotton tee, a 1940s patent leather purse with a modern-day little black dress, or wide-frame 1970s sunglasses with almost any outfit. When it comes to styling, to thine own self be true.

When it comes down to actually shopping for vintage, there are few destinations in the world as great as Brooklyn. The diversity of the borough itself lends itself to having a wide range of offerings for a wide range of prices. Here are our top 5 store recommendations.

1. 10 Ft. Single by Stella Dallas

From head to toe, you can find any clothing item here from any era. 1980s logo tees, flannel shirts, Chuck Taylors, denim… this place has it all. It’s suitable for men and women, stocking plenty of options for each. For a focus on items from the 1940’s-60s, a back room houses rare vintage item like prom dresses or a letterman jackets.

285 North 6th St.

2. Alter Brooklyn

While this store can get a little pricey, you can also find winning deals, such as $5 tees. There are loads of stylish men’s bits and bobs here, from African print oxford shoes to fashionable coats. Rummage through and you will find quintessential ‘cool’ brands like Mink Pink, Mary Meyer and Kill City in this little boutique.

407 Graham Ave.

3. Antoinette Vintage

Lexi Oliveri, daughter of a renowned fashion industry veteran, opened this vintage store after raiding her mother’s collection of interesting pieces. This place is full of great bargains, ranging from about $25-$80 on average. Don’t skimp over the collection of bags and shoes as you shop for staple items.

119 Grand St.

4. Amarcord Vintage Fashion

For design-inclined shoppers, you will find mecca at Amarcord. Not only is there a great sale room full of jewelry - real and costume - clothing and shoes for men and women, but Amarcord has put together an impressive archive collection. Book an appointment to gain design inspiration or drop in the store for a shop.

223 Bedford Ave.

5. Olly Oxen Free Vintage

This place is exactly what any vintage shopper is after: a wide selection of pieces on offer. Not only is incredible clothing available, but a hugely rustic range of furniture is available, perfect for any antique-lover’s place.

137 Montrose Ave.