International travel

When it comes to holiday preparedness, most travellers consider the basics: pack smart, bring a valid passport, etc. We’ve even shared our ultimate guide to planning a trip! These three tips tend to fly under the radar, but they have proven to be some of the best reminders for international travel we have encountered.

      1. Know your bank fees

Australia is quickly becoming a cashless destination, and using plastic on holiday can be efficient and easy. However, it’s important to remember that many banks charge fees for foreign transactions, ATM withdrawals, opting to pay in AUD, and more. Before you leave, check your bank’s fee policies to avoid paying exorbitant fees when you have no other choice. And if you travel often, consider setting up a designated travel account with zero fees. 

Bank fees on holiday

      2. Pack a pen with your passport

Prepare for the final leg of your international flight by having a pen ready to go with your passport. When the flight attendants hand you a customs card to fill out, you won’t have to make noise as you scavenge for a free pen to use. Sleep as long and peacefully as you deserve before landing to hit the ground running. (And while we're talking important documents, don't forget to copy your passport!)

Pack a pen while travelling

      3. Take a familiarisation walk when you arrive

Whether you have researched your destination thoroughly or barely at all, it’s worth exploring the area around your hotel to get familiar with the area. This brief familiarisation walk will prove to be even more helpful than a map app. Quickly, you’ll learn how fast you can get around and uncover key shops, cafes, or other landmarks you might want to revisit later. The added bonus: getting the blood flowing and really waking up in your new paradise.

Woman walking through holiday streets

No matter where you travel, don't forget to take out travel insurance before your trip. This will ensure peace of mind for your entire holiday!