Travel insurance is designed to protect travellers from unknown and unforeseen things that can happen when we travel. But unfortunately, popular misconceptions can cloud and confuse our understanding about how it works and why it’s so necessary. Luckily, our partner Cover-More has helped us bust myths and bring clarity to travel insurance, as seen on The Morning Show in the video above.

Myth 1: “I don’t need travel insurance because I’m healthy.”

Being healthy doesn’t protect you from car accidents or other mishaps. So there is no correlation between being healthy and the unfortunate circumstance of unforeseen medical emergencies. Being prepared is the best defence for unpredictable situations and having travel insurance is your first line of defence. Cover-More has a medical team of more than 165 medical professionals all over the world who are ready to provide 24-hour emergency assistance.

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Myth 2: “I don’t need to purchase travel insurance until the day I leave.”

It could be beneficial to make purchasing travel insurance part of the trip booking process.  Firstly, most travel insurers have some level of cover for cancellation prior to your actual departure date, so it’s a good idea to get cover from the get-go. Secondly, by buying it at the same time, it’s top of mind and doesn’t fall off the long to-do list. So get it out the way early on.

Or if you’re a frequent traveller, you can purchase an annual policy that relieves you from the need to remember this step before every trip.

Myth 3: “I don’t need insurance because I’m only travelling to safe places.”

An inaccurate assumption about travel insurance is that it should be reserved for medical emergencies in rougher parts of the globe. But the truth is that the most common claims made are from trip amendments and cancellations or even lost or damaged luggage, circumstances that could happen domestically or in safe international destinations.

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Myth 4: “It’s difficult to claim and it probably won’t get paid back anyway.”

In 2018 alone, almost 90% of claims received by Cover-More were paid out, totalling more than $110,000,000. Cover-More in particular maintains an ethos of handling all customer claims fairly and efficiently. Before purchasing a policy, understand your needs as a traveller, what your policy covers and never hesitate to ask one of our Holiday Experts for help!

Limits, sub-limits, conditions and exclusions apply. Insurance administered by Cover-More Insurance Services Pty Ltd (ABN 95 003 114 145, AFSL 241713) on behalf of the product issuer, Zurich Australian Insurance Limited (ABN 13 000 296 640, AFSL 232507). Any advice is general advice only. Please consider your financial situation, needs and objectives and read the Combined FSG/PDS before deciding to buy this insurance.