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Skyscanner has found the ultimate hack when it comes to saving money for travel: swapping a habit for a holiday.

Streaming services

Scale back the subscription streaming services in your account which cost Aussies an average of $35 per month (don’t worry - you can still watch 7Plus for free!). Cutting back on your services for a year to watch the waves crash on the Gold Coast.

Streaming services: $420 per year on average

Food delivery fees

The trend of food-on-demand has made our meals that much more convenient. But the average Aussie spends up to $132.50 a month - that’s $1,590 each year to have their favourite takeout delivered to their door. Instead of living for immediate gratification, wait for fresh and flavourful fruit, satay, sambal, and more in Bali.

Food delivery fees: $1,590 per year

Daily coffee

In Australia, coffee is a way of life. In fact, 75% of Australians drink at least one cup of coffee every single day. With the average cost of a daily coffee at $4.18, Australians could easily spend an average of $1,521 per year on coffee. By simply making a cup at home when you wake up will save you enough to wake up in Waikiki.

Daily coffee: $1,521 a year on average

Alcoholic Beverages

A cocktail after work or a few beers a week can easily add up to $1,248 a year, based on a standard three drinks per week. Why not ditch the cheeky beverage so that you can enjoy poolside drinks at your resort in Fiji?!

Alcoholic beverages: $1,248 per year (based on three standard drinks per week)

Fiji Marriott Resort Momi Bay

Credit: Fiji Marriott Resort Momi Bay

Unused gym membership

We’re not suggesting that you ditch the gym all together. But for anyone who neglects it after a few months, you’ll end up paying up to $95 a month, or $1,148 a year, for the privilege. Save your money from going to waste by setting it aside for a tour in Asia, where you’ll walk and explore all day.

Unused gym membership: $1,148 per year on average

Bottled water

You could save up to $286 a year (or $5.50 a week) simply by bringing your own reusable bottle or drinking from the tap - and of course, you’ll also help the environment! Reward yourself with the money saved by putting it towards a holiday in Tropical North Queensland so you can explore the wondrous marine life under the sea at the Great Barrier Reef.

Bottled water: $286 per year on average

Ride sharing

Just like food delivery, ride sharing has answered our on-demand prayers. But our dependence on ride sharing can cost us a shocking $2,600 a year. Trade in the habit for public transport and you could enjoy a cruise holiday where you share the incredible amenities and active excursions with other like-minded cruisers.

Ride sharing: $2,600 a year


Aussies spend a whopping $3,600 per year on beauty regimes and make-up. By simply reducing the amount you spend on cosmetics, you could visit the Maldives for the ultimate luxe life! Just imagine the photo shoot opportunities there...

Cosmetics: $3,600 a year

AROUND THE ISLAND Fushifaru Maldives

Credit: Fushifaru Maldives

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