Asleep at hotel

Jet lag won’t stop you from enjoying a holiday, but it certainly doesn’t enhance the experience. As Australians, we travel such great distances for so many of our international holidays that completely avoiding jet lag is nearly impossible. However, there are easy steps to take to preemptively strike against jet lag and other steps to take to recover quickly. Thanks to our friends at Skyscanner, we have put together the best of these steps to beat jet lag.

A flight path is best travelling east to west

When you have a choice, book a flight path that travels east to west. This will help your circadian rhythm follow its normal routine instead of going against it, which would cause greater jet lag.

Top of the morning to you

Similarly to following your natural rhythms and routines, if you arrive in the morning, you fight the temptation of going straight to bed. Sunlight mixed with the excitement of landing - in a new destination or full of memories of a holiday - is the perfect combination to keep you awake for your destination’s daytime.

Airplanes at golden hour

Make a stopover a sleepover

If you’re really going the distance, a stopover could be the key ingredient to arriving ready to go. This time allows you to freshen up and even sleep in a better position than you would have on a plane.

Skyscanner wisely notes that if your booking includes a long layover in a domestic terminal, it’s important to check if the terminal closes for the night; most international terminals are open through the night. If there are no designated sleep areas, find a place that’s not crowded and where departure gates won’t be used for a while.

Sleep pods in airport

Hydration for vacation

The easiest step to take before and during your flights is to stay hydrated. Not only does this mean drinking plenty of water, but it means avoiding drinks that dehydrate you, such as alcoholic drinks and coffee.

Stretch on the plane and when you land

A mid-flight stretch has a multitude of benefits, including reduction of stiffness and alleviation of pain caused by inflammation. Getting your blood pumping and your body feeling healthy will help you wake up and give you an endorphin boost.

Just adjust

Finally, adjusting to the local time zone is the simplest jet lag hack. Set the routine for the days to follow by sticking to day and night-times of your destination.