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A holiday getaway never lasts long enough. But don’t dread coming home and losing that feeling of holiday happiness. Take these easy steps to prolong the mindset of your holiday back at home.

Before you depart…

  • Plan the trip to return on a Friday. You’ll have the whole weekend before work - or school for the children - to get over jetlag, run errands, etc.
  • If you have a housecleaner, book in a session for the day before you get home. This way, you’ll arrive to a clean house and few household responsibilities.

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While you’re away…

  • If you’ve been away for a while, do a load of washing on your day final day. See if your hotel has a laundry service. If not, ask the concierge for the nearest wash & fold deluxe treatment or even a simple laundromat. This will make packing easier and shorten your to-do list at home.
  • Order groceries online whilst waiting at the airport for the return flight.
  • Plan your next holiday! Nothing cures post-holiday blues like having another holiday to look forward to in the near future.

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When you return…

  • Watch movies or TV shows that take place at your holiday destination. (Just visited Greece? Turn on Mamma Mia!) You’ll be able to replay the happy times in your head with some added entertainment.
  • If you’ve planned the trip for a Friday return, make reservations for a special Saturday night dinner and hold on to that ‘away’ feeling even longer!

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