Dominique Cerrone knows a thing or two about jewellery.

Dominique Cerrone Parisi

Her dad Nicola is founder and Creative Director of eponymous label Cerrone, a jewellery house founded in 1972 in an inner Sydney terrace (where operations are still based), and is one of the country’s most awarded brands.

From exquisite diamond engagement rings to elegant earrings and pendants, Cerrone is home to some of the most sort-after jewellery pieces, so there is no question Dominique is the person to give us inside knowledge on how to keep your precious gems safe while on holiday.

Keep it close at all times

“Pack it in your carry-bag while flying. Checked bags have a far greater chance of being misplaced.”

Wear it

“The best and safest way to travel with your jewels is on you, not in your handbag.”

Do your research

“Ask the hotel you are staying in if they have a room safe as this is always the next best option when you’re not wearing your jewels.”

Keep things light

“Don't travel with any heavy, delicate pieces or too much jewellery. You want to be able to keep tabs on what you have, but also not be lugging excess weight around.”

Plan ahead

“Pick key pieces that are appropriate for your destination and are versatile. If you want to bring a statement piece of jewellery, stick to one item that can be worn with multiple outfits.”


“If you know you are protected, it will take away some of the worry while travelling.”