Thai language edit

If you’re travelling to, or thinking of going to Thailand, it’s beneficial to learn a few basic words and common phrases to enhance your overall experience.

Have a go at these helpful phrases that are bound to serve you well during travels around Thailand.

You’ll notice that these phrases are often gendered, so be sure to check for the female or male version. At the end of some sentences, females should finish with "ka/kap" and males, "krup/krap".

Wat Arun Temple of Dawn in Bangkok

Hello: sa-wùt dee krúp (male)/sa-wùt dee kà (female)

Goodbye: sa-wùt dee krúp (male)/sa-wùt dee kà (female)

How are you?: sa-bai dee mái

I'm fine, thank you: sa-bai dee kòrp-kOOn

Yes/no: Chai/mai

Excuse me: Kor Toht

Please: ga-rOO-nah

Do you speak English? kOOn pôot pah-sǎh ung-grìt bpen mái?

Delicious: Aroi

I don’t understand: pǒm mâi kâo jai (male)/di-chún mâi kâo jai (female)

Thank you: kòrp-kOOn

Where is…?: Yoo tee nai...?

Where is the bathroom? Haawng Naam Yuu Thee Nai?

Nevermind: Mai pen lai

Sorry: Khor tort

I would like to order: Sang aa-haan

How much?: Gee baht?

One to ten: Neung, song, saam, see, haa, hook, jet, baat, gow, sip 

Rot Fai Market Ratchada in Bangkok 

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Beach of Koh Kradan in Trang