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In the travel industry, there’s a well-known saying: ‘if you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel.’

However, travel insurance policies shouldn‘t be reserved for international trips. While domestic getaways might be shorter than international holidays, and of course we try to mitigate problems that we can anticipate, the truth is that accidents happen when we least expect them.

In 2017, more than 7,000 domestic travel insurance claims were made by Cover-More customers. Here are a few examples of unforeseen circumstances resulting in claims:

  1. Severe weather caused a flight cancellation, forcing customers to spend thousands of dollars on replacement flights
  2. A suitcase filled with irreplaceable items valued at $2,500 went missing after a customer’s flight
  3. After a third party collision, a customer’s hire car was damaged and the car was deemed a write-off

Woman at airport with luggage

When it comes to unforeseen circumstances, Cover-More has seen it all. Though these are some of the most common domestic insurance claims:

      Trip cancellation

      Lost or stolen luggage and personal effects

      Rental car insurance excess

      Travel delay

      Delayed luggage

To be eligible for a domestic policy - whether it’s for a Single Trip or Annual Multi-Plan - Cover-More customers must be at least 250km from their home in Australia.

And getting a policy is too easy not to play it safe. Click here to book your Cover-More policy today.