Living in Australia, the number one travel pain is how long it takes to get anywhere on this globe, and when you finally get there you can expect to suffer from a major case of jetlag.

But, a new plane might just put an end to this side effect.

The Airbus A350 XWB, a wide-bodied plane, features bigger windows, more spacious bathrooms and mood lighting to mimic the sun’s natural glow to limit jet lag.

It even comes with better cabin air that’s refreshed every two to three minutes and it’s more humid and less dehydrating than regular plane air. The airbus is also a lot quieter than any other most planes you’ve ever flown with, so you’ll be able to get a good few hours sleep in your larger economy seat.

And aside from the jet lag beating measures, 50 per cent of the aircraft’s frame is constructed with carbon fibre-reinforced plastic, reducing the weight of the aircraft and the amount of fuel required for long-haul flights.

Wings that are larger and wider paired with flaps that are designed to follow the flight path direction rather than the wind, create a 25 per cent improvement in the plane's fuel economy compared to other operating planes.