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There always seems to be sick people during a flight. But put down the hand sanitiser because there’s a system that can kill 99.99% of on-board germs in just five minutes.


Say hello to the revolutionary GermFalcon. A large ‘robot’ on wheels that uses UVC light to instantly kill bacteria, viruses and superbugs on any exposed surface that you might come in contact with.

UVC is a light used as disinfectant in hospitals and at food and water treatment facilities. There’s no heat, chemicals, off-gassing, toxins or damage to what’s being cleaned.

Currently carriages are refreshed by a cleaning crew in-between flights, with a more comprehensive clean done a few times a year. The Germ Falcon could pick up the slack here.

Although there are no airlines using this new technology yet, that doesn’t mean we won’t see them in the future.