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Getaways are the time to relax by the pool, enjoy delicious food and drink one-too-many cocktails. However, it’s still important to include a little health into your holiday and so you can go home feeling as great as possible.

This doesn’t mean that you need to do intense workouts on the daily or swap your pina colada for kale juice, because there are some very easy things that you can incorporate into your daily routine.

Long flights

When you’re on a plane for an extensive amount of time make sure you get up, walk around and stretch whenever possible. It’s good to get the blood flowing and reduce post-flight swelling, plus it will reduce your (small) chances of experiencing deep vein thrombosis.

Ensure you’re drinking water regularly to avoid dehydration, that way you won’t spend the next day or two feeling like you have a hangover.

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One of the easiest ways to keep active on your adventure is to walk whenever possible. For example, if the restaurant you’re going to have dinner at is down the road, then use your legs – not the taxi. 

You can miss out on a lot of small details when you’re whizzing by in a cab, so explore your destination on foot (if it’s safe) and you’ll have a totally different experience. 

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When on holiday, eating unhealthy food is seen as a way of treating ourselves, but it’s also important to include wholefoods (like fruits, vegetables and nuts) and foods high in vitamin C (like capsicum and citrus) whenever possible to keep the immune system strong.

A simple way to treat yourself (as well as getting essential nutrients) is to make small, healthy choices. Go to town on that buttery, flaky croissant and then order a side salad to go with it.

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