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Wheels up: care-free movie time or nap time or time to catch up on work that you’ve put off for weeks already. The possibilities are endless!

Wheels down on the ground: groggy, grumpy time to collect yourself.

So often before departing for a fabulous trip, we allow adrenaline to drive us forward. By the time we’re descending, however, we’ve lost the zest and are left with a hangover of feeling like we’ll never get to the happy destination. But with these 10 items that fit squarely in any carry-on luggage, we promise that you’ll arrive feeling fresh and ready to hit the ground running.

Wake up like this

A mid-air sleep session can leave us feeling listless when we wake up. Use these products to awaken your senses without caffeine.

  1. Toothbrush + toothpaste or mouthwash

  2. Chewing gum or mints

  3. Lemon essential oil

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Combat dehydration

Dry airplane air will zap the moisture from your eyes, skin, and lips. Fight the tightness by applying these products generously.

  1. Eye drops

  2. Moisturiser

  3. Pawpaw ointment or your favourite lip balm

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Look fresh, feel fresh

It’s not about impressing others - but when we are comfortable with how we look, the positivity radiates. And that is the right attitude to take going into an exciting holiday ahead!

  1. Touch-up makeup

  2. Eye serum

  3. Dry shampoo

  4. Deodorant

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