Pregnant woman on beach

Pregnancy does not have to hinder your opportunity to travel. Of course, only you can make the right decision for you and your baby. But if you have the desire to relax on a Babymoon or indulge in a lowkey getaway, the option is most certainly available.

According to Cover-More, the three most popular destinations for pregnant women in the past five years are Bali, Fiji and Thailand. However, Professor Steve Rashford, one of Australia’s pre-eminent emergency medicine professionals and Cover-More’s Chief Medical Officer, recommends travelling domestically.

“At any stage of pregnancy there is always a chance that you may have to deliver in a place where you don’t want to deliver. In many countries, there is limited access to the right equipment and medical staff experienced in certain pregnancy complications, pre-term labour and premature delivery.

“Australia provides an exceptional standard of healthcare, especially for pregnant women and their babies.”

Before you plan a Babymoon of your own, consider these top tips to travel safely:

  1. Always consult your obstetrician or GP before planning a trip
  2. If you travel overseas, travel before 20 weeks gestation
  3. Visit destinations where you have close access to an Australian-standard of medical care
  4. Travel with travel insurance, noting that travel insurance offers cover for only up to 26 weeks gestation
  5. Purchase your travel insurance when you book your trip – it provides cover for trip cancellation due to a pregnancy complication
  6. If you travel domestically, then you are always close to home and if you experience a pregnancy complication you have ready access to your valuable support network of friends and family