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There's an old saying in the travel industry:

if you can't afford travel insurance, you can't afford to travel.

Travel is a source of inspiration, a method of celebration... and there certainly is no limitation!

But occasionally, the unexpected happens. That's why 7travel has partnered with Cover-More Travel Insurance, one of the leading travel insurance providers in Australia.

Cover-More offers single-trip, multi-trip, and cruise coverage for trips abroad or at home in Australia. With a custom travel insurance plan tailored to your trip and travel style, you'll have peace of mind and a helping hand so that you can keep travelling and enjoy life's greatest thrill!

Take out your policy when you book your holiday to ensure you are covered for anything that might come up before your trip; or you can take out a policy any time up until you travel.

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The Morning Show debunk travel insurance myths

Learn why you should take out your Cover-More travel insurance as soon as you book; and gain many other interesting travel insurance insights, as Karen Ledbury debunks 5 myths on The Morning Show.

Cover-More on The Morning Show

Cover-More's Chief Medical Officer, Dr Stephen Rashford talks to Karen Ledbury, explaining the benefits of having an internal medical assistance team of over 160 medical professionals. With the right Cover-More travel insurance you don't have to worry about the unexpected on your holiday.

Cover-More have been saving lives for over 30 years

Find out why Cover-More's medical heartbeat makes them different and make sure you take out cover when you book your next trip.